Many websites are offering alternative login methods but they could potentially compromise your social media account if your not careful.

Our attention to internet security has been 110% focus these days. Why use them? Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft all offer multi-factor authentication meaning that if someone guesses, steals or cracks your password then they still can’t get in to your account without the second piece of authentication (e.g. SMS). But this means you have to enable the available multi-factor authentication which is not enabled by default and the majority of end users do not use this useful security option.

The internet is full of interesting websites and many of them allow us to interact with them as long as we provide some sort of login information. Some of these websites could have these social media plugins that allow you to use your social media login to gain access to the website and using these login functionality can potentially compromise your social media logins if the website has been compromised with additional code that extracts your user name and password. These hackers can also use these links to execute a redirected login that looks like the real deal and have you type in your login information. 

Social Media Login can be useful when used properly and wisely. Do not use these logins spontaneously on unknown websites, and also make sure that websites you log into are SSL (https://) protected.