Cloud Services to enable your business to do more.

Managed cloud services are the fastest and most efficient way to empower your business with everything that the cloud has to offer. With managed cloud, you have access to an unparalleled range of enterprise-class productivity solutions, the best security, and file storage capacity that can be orders of magnitude more than what would be possible otherwise.

Most businesses discover this delivers substantial savings that compound over time.

Your exact savings depend on your company’s size and needs – but most enterprises stand to save significantly on their current and future IT needs. When you combine savings in software, hardware, personnel, security, and more, it may mean excising millions of dollars in costs from your business. That can help you grow faster and keep your operational focus on what matters most.

White Knight IT has an intimate understanding of exactly what the cloud is and how it can be used to add efficiency and security to your business.

Simply put, the cloud is a network of servers that can be used for a wide variety of technical functions including:

  • data backup and storage
  • remote access to personal computers or company servers
  • collaboration and networking
  • email servers and support
  • support for building and delivering apps

We work closely with the largest and most reliable cloud providers to offer our clients the most cost-efficient and reliable cloud solutions for all needs.  Our cloud solutions are entirely scalable and built with your current needs and future goals in mind so that you can concentrate on building your business while we take care of your technical growth.