Advantages of our Managed IT Services

  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring: Guaranteed round-the-clock network protection by using sophisticated network monitoring tools.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: We are capable of offering a complete view of your infrastructure, which allows us to keep track of everything that happens in your company.
  • Improved Security: We keep track of all changes on the network from rouge devices, user account logins, random devices and random application installations.
  • Cost Effective: An unplanned repair services can be a huge cost burden on small businesses. We succeed in controlling such costs by proving fixed monthly costs which cover all kinds of repairs and service costs on a contractual basis.

Types of Managed Services

  • Scheduled Maintenance: We schedule maintenance of the organizations’ networks on a weekly or monthly basis according to the Service Level Agreements.
  • Centralized Management: We are partners with a vendor that provides a powerful console capable of handling complex networks. They also provide patch management solution, service desk, remote monitoring and security solutions to multiple clients using centralized controls.
  • Remote Support: We provide remote assistance that will help your organizations systems. Instead of paying a full time employee on staff, for a fraction of the cost we have the technology to aid in remotely trouble-shooting technical problems.
  • Proactive Support: We integrate comprehensive and regular preventative maintenance systems in order to stay ahead of any issues related to Servers , desktops, Devices and Networks. They are a powerful medium through which both the reliability and stability of the organization’s IT assets are ensured.
  • Monitoring: We have customized and real-time monitoring solutions for any network device, website, application, or server of an organization. It is capable of delivering 24x7x365 network monitoring to guarantee optimum uptime for your business.
  • Managed Backups: We have state of the art backup vendors to provide disaster recovery and business continuity. This is your lifeline and cheap software and backup solutions is not in our vocabulary.
  • Simplified Billing: We have a cost effect ticketing and billing management system to handle tasks like Ticketing, invoicing, payments, tracking, and budgeting which keeps the costs of our services down.


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