Did you know that 81% of Data Breaches happen due to poor password practices and one of are due to human errors like password sharing which can lead to massive data breaches.

I’m sure your open minded just like me and when you read these statics it will provide the criticality of password security in today’s date:

  • Did you know that 81% of the data breaches have been reported because of poor password security.
  • Fun fact, by the end of 2020, password usage across the globe will grow by 300 billion. 
  • Just about 25% of employees use the same password for all their login credentials.
  • About 61% of companies have accounts with non-expiring user passwords.
  • Around 54% of the small and medium-sized businesses don’t check up on their employee password practices.

Do Not Share Your Work Password.

How would you feel giving your personal password to someone? You wouldn’t do it right? What you have is private. Well it’s the same thing with a company password. Their data is important and private which you have to protect. Here’s the other aspect of it… You plain and simple, just can’t trust people to keep it secure. If your organization lacks cyber security awareness training should make it even more of a red flag to not share your password. You must keep an open mind and realize that the person you shared your password with could do something malicious with your email or even use your account to bring down the company to get you fired. The purpose of using a password is to safeguard data or sensitive information from unauthorized access. Can you imagine if your one of those companies that use the same account and password for all the computers, what can actually happen when a hacker gets in? You just gave them the keys to the kingdom without even a fight. Management also needs to get onboard and create a positive culture around security, trust me it will benefit everyone. 


What can we do?

  1. Single sign-on (SSO)

    Each User have their own SSO. SSO is an authentication scheme that allows users to use a single ID and password to access multiple corporate software and applications. An employee can use one password to access dozens of enterprise login accounts at the same time.

  2. Cyber Security Awareness Training

    Every organization must provide security awareness training to its employees in order to understand the basic cybersecurity practices and how they must be followed in their day to day life.