Many Android photo editing apps in the Google Play Store were found to be malware infested, cybersecurity firm Symantec said they should be removed Now.

Symantec uncovered 25 malware infested apps in the Play Store, which were downloaded more than 2 million times. Symantec reported the malicious apps to Google already but if they are still on your phone you should delete them as soon as you can.

Here are the apps that were found to be infected with malware: 

-Auto Blur Photo

-Auto Cut Out (Free)

-Auto Cut Out Pro

-Background Cut Out Pro

-Blur Image Plus

-Blur Image Plus (1.0)

-Blur Image Pro

-Cut Paste Photo Editor

-Cut Paste Photo Editor (X 1.0)

-Face Feature 

-Fashion Hairstyles Pic Editor

-Fashion Hairstyles Pic Editor 2.4.6

-Image Blur Editor

-Image Blur Editor (Free)

-Image Blur Editor (Unlimited)

-Hairstyles Photo Editor Plus

-Latest Hairstyles (Free)

-Motion On Picture 

-Photo Background Editor Pro

-Photo Blur Background Maker 2019

-Photo Collage Maker

-Photo Cut Studio Professional 

-Pop Color

-SkyCamera for 2019

-Yasuo wallpapers